Thursday, April 26, 2012

juxtaposition by the haemoglobin in the atmosphere....

Is it only me or even you, to whom most of the 'about us' lines by designers/design firms on their website sound like 'You see, the whole country of the system is juxtaposition by the haemoglobin in the atmosphere....'? At least the later entertained us in Amar Akbar Anthony!
Why do we, as designers, try to claim so much? I don't mean we don't do all that work, we do! (yeah 'covering the entire supply chain' and all). But why do we become so desperate that we try to claim all that in one single line, bang on the home page itself? WHY? I go mad when I am forced to read these lines on the landing page of their website itself. Why can't we bring the simplicity we claim in our designs, to the content/text on our websites? Do we really think someone is going to give us a huge project/order after having read these lines successfully till end? Whom do the writers of this kind of content, really target?
I have even started hating some of the very meaningful words because they appear so casually on these 'about us' pages in such a incomprehensible claims! Words like, sustainability, integrate, systems, innovation, yes yes the word 'entire' too!

Came across little too many examples recently, some of them are here for you to enjoy! Please note that all the lines below are work of fiction and any resemblance to any online material is a pure coincidence! The design fraternity is doing really great work (including the work we claim!), its just these lines that irritate me!

"We integrate the cultural, ecological, economic and social tenets of sustainability through collaborative design of holistically sustainable contemporary products."

"We tap the potential of design thought, and design processes, to bring about a transformative change in the business through change in branding strategies and product offerings of the clients"

"...from initial concept to manufacture, exploring the wide variety of alternative paths for Product Development while trying to harmonize the requirements of marketing, production and finance, thus offering 'total design' solutions to our projects."

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Next time I come back from Mumbai, it will be bit difficult for me to accept this flat as 'house'! No, not because you will not be there, but there will not be any stuff lying around on sofa, bed, chairs, no fan running at full speed, no shoes scattered everywhere on floor. And surprisingly, somehow, to me, it will look like no one stays here! Without the dry daaru bottles and drying utensils, the kitchen too will look empty. I will not have to remember to close the gas knob before I go to sleep, neither will I have to think whether to keep the outer metal door open so that you can come in anytime at late night (rather morning). It will be like, I will have nothing to do in this place still called house! (oops little too senti!)

It's not that I have never stayed alone in this house before, but then I always knew that you will be back sometime, may be we will even see and talk to each other once in 3-4 days at least. Even when you had gone for your long jaundice holiday, I still didn't feel like I feel today (not for you, for myself). Sadly, I also feel that it's not because you are leaving, but because I will be alone, that I am sad. But I guess that's the case with everyone in this selfish world.

When we were classmates in NID, I never imagined I will spend so much time with you after NID! At the end of these 4 years (f...o....u...r.... years!) of sharing a house (and few other things, like your laptop charger and my laptop), I still find it surprising that we actually did! And if someone asks me what made you two stay together for this long, I have no answer! I wonder how come we even never had any fight or argument!
As if this feeling was not surprising enough, as I am writing, I receive an SMS from a very distant friend,"Some reasons definitely make relationships strong, but the fact is, only strong relations will remain forever without any reason!"
take care

Epilogue: This reminds me that I will have to buy a new laptop charger now! :( This post would have been a much better read, had someone paid me to write it. I might have even taken little effort to find and photoshop a good picture of yours then, and name this post as 'an open letter to my house-mate' etc. Jokes apart, there were so many things coming to my mind as I thought of writing this Sid, but somehow its not possible and even required. To some extent this whole blog itself is somehow related to all the time we spent together, all the things we did, from chatting on our own blog comments, to bike rides, photography, to window shopping, movies (and writing the reviews on blog!)..... I have to stop writing now as the dictionary meaning of epilogue uses the word 'short' write-up. I also have to spend some time talking to my next room-mate, a much better one! ;)

Sunday, September 25, 2011


कुछ देर तमाशा देख लेना तूम भी
जिंदगी तुम और करोगे भी क्या मेरा?
लम्बी रेस का घोडा हूँ,
कुछ देर साथ चल लेना तुम भी!
.                                         -भावीन

(woww... after rejecting so many filmy hindi poems, finally i post my first hindi lines in blog! :) )

Monday, July 25, 2011

My first DUCATI

OK, it's just a pair of shoes,but it's DUCATI! :) And I am happy for finally having bought them! I have been thinking of buying something nice from Puma Ducati series but was always confused if I should really do that for different reasons. Sometimes I found them in green or blue which is certainly not Ducati colour, the red ones were so red that i didn't know when will I use them, sometimes the ones I found in Ahmedabad stores were so 'too much' that I just wanted to take that Ducati logo off from them, and almost all the time the price was beyond my budget! Ohh and once I decided no to buy them ever, after I watched the movie 'Children of Heaven'! hahaha...
Anyway, so yesterday When I actualy wanted (almost = needed) to buy a pair of shoes and didnt like anything other than the 2 Puma Ducati ones, the only option was to buy one of them! Sid acted like catalyst (even offering to contribute as my b'day gift! :), and I ended up buying these! Thank you Sid!
The funny thing about these DUCATI shoes is, the instruction inside says,'Not recommended for riding!' hahaha....
I think I can't write any more meaningless and purposeless....
So thats it, and now I have something in July 2011 archive of my blog too! hooshhhhhhh...
ohh and before I conclude here is the newest and best from the Puma DUCATI series, which I would still love to buy (or rather be gifted) if it becomes available in India, The 'DUCATI Testastretta II' riding shoes. Dont miss the aluminum sole rim below heel and below puma cat in front! coollll, isnt it? :)

Thursday, June 02, 2011

You are beautiful!

One day your eyelashes will turn white, one day your lips will be covered with wrinkles and so will be your palm. And I will still say, "you are beautiful!" For, the love in your eyes will still be the same, the smile on your lips will still brighten my day and the warmth of the touch of your palm in my hand will still give me all the strength to overcome the challenges in life. And whenever I will tell you that you are beautiful, I will mean it, irrespective of how you look then, for the real beauty never ages, it only becomes richer and richer with time.
It takes time, not to look beautiful, but to 'be' beautiful, to be perceived beautiful, for you to understand yourselves that you are beautiful. 'Cause the real beauty is something to be experienced and not just seen!
I always wondered what is that makes you look so beautiful, all the time! I knew it is something beyond your beautiful tender skin, your silky hair and your deep black eyes. And then one day I saw you with that baby oil bottle in your hand! Eureka! No, it's not your skin as tender as a baby's, neither your eyes as expressive as a baby's. It's your heart! You have a pure heart, as pure as that of a baby. A heart that brings such a beautiful smile on your lips, the heart that says it all through eyes, without any hesitance, without any hidden intentions. It's this ability of yours to have maintained the purity of heart, which makes you beautiful. It's this lovely spotless heart which makes you happy and smiling about all those tiniest of the things, from a mere thought of having an icecream to making new plans of travelling to places. A happy person always looks beautiful. I can now see all those small things you do and you have to make yourself happy. 'Cause to be happy you need to love yourself, appreciate yourself and be confident about what you are. I wonder if this is what you think about when you sit in front of the mirror, with all those colourful tiny bottles and brushes? Trying to do things to make yourself happy and not exactly beautiful? Or actually giving that beautiful expression of your pure heart, a finishing touch? Yes you are beautiful, and now I know your real beauty is in the happiness you have and the happiness you spread, and that this way you will be beautiful forever!

image from
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Friday, April 29, 2011

बड़ा आदमी

मै: भैया यहाँ रूम बुकिंग का कौन देखता है?
चौकीदार: मै ही देखता हूँ, क्या हुआ?
मै: तो मै एक घंटे से आपको ढूंढ रहा हूँ,यहाँ कोई नहीं था
चौकीदार: कहाँ से आये हो?
मै: अहमदाबाद
चौकीदार: मै घूमने के लिए गया था
मै: रात में ४ बजे?
चौकीदार: हाँ, आप एक घंटे से यहाँ इंतज़ार कर रहे हो?
मै: हाँ
चौकीदार: आपने किसीको नींद से जगाया तो नहीं यहाँ?
मै: हाँ, वो जो पहली रूम में अंकल है उनको पूछा, लेकिन उनको कुछ पता नहीं
चौकीदार: उनको पूछा? उनको कुछ नहीं पूछने का
मै: क्यूँ? (typical me!)
चौकीदार: वो बहूत बड़ा आदमी है! जज साब है!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

will miss you!

The window....

 the view......
 the moon......
 the river.... the bridge...
all this as seen from my bedroom, I will miss. Strange enough, we are shifting to a new house which is just next door, same floor, same building.... and still I will miss all this..... Truth, they say, is stranger than imagination! I hope the change will prove to be nice in some other way, unknown yet!

(more about the bridge here.)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Strange whispers

(only audio and lyrics)

from movie 'Hazaron Khwahishein Aisi'
Strange Whispers

Sun in the earth..
Bird in the air..
Eye within eye..

Baavra Mann..
Dekhne Chala..
Ek Sapna..

Streets we have never walked on..
Windows we have never opened..
Hands we have never held..
Dreams we shall never..
Never see again..

Baavra Mann Dekhne Chala..
Ek Sapna..
Baavrese Mann Ki Dekho..
Baavri Hain Baatein..
Baavrisi Dhadkane Hain..
Baavri Hain Saanse..

Sun in the earth..
Bird in the air..
Eye within eye..

Lives we have never lived..
Hopes we have never realized..
Fires we have never lit..
Loves we shall never..
Never make again..

Baavra Mann..
Dekhne Chala..
Ek Sapna..

Sun in the earth..
Bird in the air..
Eye within eye..

I hear..
Those strange whispers

Monday, March 21, 2011


With hands in my pocket, I am walking towards the setting sun. Its just the sand and the wind whispering around me, even the waves have calmed down after a tiresome day of struggle. The sun is just above its shivering reflection on waves. I subconsciously stand still somewhere, gazing at the sun. At one point of time, the sun gently touches water. I somehow feel the memory of that touch deep within myself.

I stretch my right hand towards yours. I don't feel the touch, instead i keep staring at it... on the reflection of sun.The sun keeps melting in its reflection... slowly... "I want to tell you something", I say while looking at the sun. Coming in front of me, you start melting in my arms. I am still looking at that drowning sun. just few moments... under the golden sky... my eyes now keep wandering on the reflection. Reserving some light for itself, the sun has almost vanished. And so is vanishing, the feeling of your touch in my arms. I am trying to keep track of that disappearing reflection... unsuccessfully.

For a long time now, I am waiting for you, with both my hands still in pockets. The little  golden orange light, left by the sun, makes the pain of your absence a lot more severe. The crazy wind keeps searching for you around my still body. It doesn't even need any sunlight now... just like me....
(I a just trying to come back to blogging with this attempted translation of my very old marathi writeup! :) )

Friday, February 18, 2011

Once upon a time in TIME.

Once upon a time, there was a second hand, running inside a wall clock. Always fresh and energetic, he kept running, faster than the minute hand and much faster than the slow lazy hour hand. He was very proud of himself, his speed, his precision, his energy, his successful life! Meeting the 12 numbers every minute, he felt he was popular too! Untill one day, he decided to think about his successful life, or rather the life.

He couldnt afford to stop and think, actually the first thing he realised was that stopping was not in his hands, neither was running! disturbed and disappointed he kept running, round and round and round, reaching nowhere.

He wanted to ask those 12 numbers and the other two hands, what all this meant? And he realised, while trying to keep up with the time, he could never spend enough time with any of them! He realised, he had no control over his speed, motion, perfection, his successful life! He was bound to the pivot. The pivot which gave him the drive to keep running, all his life, in the same manner, in the same boundaries of the wall clock, round and round and round. He really wanted to see what was there, beyond the boundaries of clock, if not time. He wanted to know how it feels to once stop and think, he wanted to know how it is to be not bound to something.

Once upon a time, there was a second hand inside a wall clock, who decided to stop running for life, round and round and round.


"Two types of people get sound sleep. The first who just don't dream, second whose dreams have come true! Few others like me, get up half way through their dreams, with anger in their half open eyes, and memories of their dreams haunting the day!
I feel, dreams have their own life, or is it that the life itself is a dream? You wake up and it's gone!"
(an attempted translation of Anushree's blog intro in marathi, all credits to her!)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentino's Day :)

Now this will sound like a bad joke to most of my readers but I hope there are atleast 2-3 diehard Valentino Rossi fans who will read and like this!
So If there can be a day to be celebrated as 'Valentino's day'... yes to show your love, respect or whatever for this legend, which day will it be?
the 46th day of every year?
that is 15th of Feb!

(for those innocent hearts whom I have still not educated about Rossi, 46 etc, please click the tags/labels below.)

Friday, February 11, 2011

जीव गुंतला असा...

जीव गुंतला असा
की शब्द तुझेच ऐकले,
गाणे दाटले गळ्यात
पाणी डोळ्यांत थांबले

नको नवे बंध म्हणता
पाश गुंफत राहिले
रात्र सरली बेधुंदिची
स्वप्न रंगत राहिले

जीव गुंतला असा
की मागे काही ना राहिले,
मन मारी भराऱ्या पिंजऱ्यात
पंख बंदच राहिले
- भावीन

Thursday, January 20, 2011


hii dearos,
hope it was not much effort to reach here (again)!
And I am really curious to know who has reached when!
so do drop a comment!
except for the web url, nothing has really changed! so just change the address you have,

and enjoy...