Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Love RED Hate RED

Somehow my clothes (especially white) have a special affinity for red stains, though not the type seen above, but from the ones they are soaked with for washing. It's been happening for years! Whenever I feel I have successfully understood the science of staining, I am taught a new lesson! And the tuition fees are quite high sometimes, considering the 'value' of those clothes. The worst thing is, these laundry accidents happen only after I have worn them for some time and received some compliments! Till that time both the stainer and stainee choose to stay away from each other. And then one fine morning, a new discovery is made. Somehow in every such accident there is only one stainer (mostly red) and only one stainee (mostly white!). All the other not-so-important clothes in the bucket just remain spectators, happily swimming and (secretely) leaving their dirt in the brutal red liquid at the crime scene (bucket). And there I sit, heavy-hearted, segregating the criminal, victim and the spectators in the bathroom, thinking again, someone has shown their real colour today!
Ok, can someone tell me why only a particular fabric gets stained and not every fabric? Also as I have observed, stain is received only from the direct contact with stainer (छूने से फैलती है types) and not from the coloured water in bucket. Why so?
And to all my friends in Apparel, textile and fashion industry, isn't it possible to provide a piece of same fabric with every garment you buy, for stain testing at home?
Found this interesting site/blog in this reference. It has some nice pictures too!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Looks like it's the last fight in a typical bollywood movie. As usual both hero and villain have decided to throw away all their weapons and ready to fight in a more macho 'nihshastra' way! I am still trying to figure out who is hero and who is villain! Raavan should be villain as per Ramayana, but seeta was never attracted towards Raavana in the original story! Anyways, the fight sequence on the hanging bridge is shot really well, but no one dies!
I don't know why I wrote about the last (not really) sequence in the beginning, but thats how the first half of movie makes you feel! But if you have paid enough money, you should rather enjoy the very aesthetically shot scenes, locations and music etc instead of trying to understand the story. And why do you need to understand the Ramayana story again? You know it already, don't you?
FOR: brilliant locations, good cinematography, music, colour palette, some stunts
AGAINST: character building, story in first half, predictability in second half

Should be watched only in movie hall!
As reviews said, even I found second half better than first, but that was more because it finally stopped raining in the movie!

Friday, June 18, 2010

What's in your blood?

कबुतराला गरुडाचे पंख लावता येतील.....
पण गगनभरारीचं वेड रक्तातच असावं लागतं...
कारण आकाशाची ओढ दत्तक घेता येत नाही॥!!!

This can be crudely (and not literally) translated as;

'A pigeon can be given wings of an eagle,
but the craving for flight has to be in blood....
'cause the longing for skies cannot be borrowed!'
(author unknown to me)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Danny MacAskill

No, this is not photoshop! If some of you have already watched Julien Dupont videos on youtube as I recomended in my Chris Pfeiffer post, there is next level to the art of riding 2 wheels. Julien Dupont is the pioneer in urban freestyle stunt riding in motorcycles category. Danny MacAskill, is Scottish street trials pro rider for Inspired Bicycles Ltd. Do watch his really really amazing video on youtube here. I never thought it was ever possibe to ride a bicycle like this before!
(p.s. Thank you Shalini for sharing this video on orkut)

Friday, June 11, 2010

get well zooommmmm

A really really bad news for all MotoGP fans and Rossi fans. Wish to see him on the two wheels soon, though everybody knows how serious the injury is and it may cost him future! But there are millions of well-wishers and his own will power to support him. Yamaha kept his crashed bike displayed outside their garage symbolizing his comeback soon.

The Doctor's first ever major crash......

update on 7th June

update on 8th June

Wish Valentino Rossi a speedy recovery on facebook here.


Races will continue and any of Lorenzo, Pedrosa, Stoner can win the championship... but what will it mean to them... the victory without competing with Rossi?

And yes.... do check his cutely updated official website here! That's the spirit!


Monday, June 07, 2010

Belated Happy B'day

For last 4 years or more, except Kiran, most of my beloved ones are trying their best to shift my b'day to 6th or 7th June. This year it was Shweta who woke me up at 12 am to be first to wish me happy b'day.... on 6th June! Last year or may be last to last year it was Divya who called to wish me belated happy b'day on my b'day itself! And an year or so before that, mosh (b) started wishing me from 2nd June everyday, so as not to not miss my actual b'day! My mom receives more calls from my friends to enquire about my actual b'day, than I receive for wishes!
Yes there are few more people like mosh (g) and pratima who play it safe and send the gifts also well in advance.... and it works! ;)
I was unaware of all the discussions going on in background, untill once some unexpected and relatively 'not so friends' people also wished me on wrong day because they had heard 'the discussions'!
There may be different reasons for forgetting my b'day for everyone and I don't know the exact reason, but today I take this opportunity to declare my b'day to be on 8th June. Wishes on any other days will also be appreciated and acknowledged if accompanied by some interesting and useful gifts! No, I don't expect everyone to stop trying to shift the date to some other earlier one... because it's fun!
But the reason is, I want this controversy to be recorded somewhere, so that when I become a great famous (and rich!) designer in future, there will be atleast one story to be talked about me, like all the great people!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Jagannath Textile Company Ltd.

Based in Coimbatore and known as Asia's biggest open-end spinning unit, the company churns out 120 tonnes of yarn everyday. Without resorting to retrenchment during lean periods, they gave their employees long holidays. But during the period, the R&D staff worked hard to come up with new business ventures, which included Crusoe and JTC brands.
This is the approach they worked on, while designing the Crusoe brand of innerwear for men.
Made for men who are either living their adventure or who pine for adventure in their living, Who deep down want to dive deep down into the blue ocean or from the blue sky, Who dream of skimming the barrel wave on a surfboard or skiing ahead of an avalanche, Who want to feel the adrenalin rushing through their veins. The range of Premium Innerwear that's specially designed keeping one thing in mind - Innerself.
I found the whole approach very interesting, especially for a B2B company entering the B2C business (retail). I mean isn't it very much required to do something really different (if not appropriate/right) when you are entering an already established market as a newcomer? With Crusoe, JTC seems to be very focused and yet open for criticism, considering existing Indian market and people connecting to adventure sports here.
And why am I writing about all this here?
While going through the Overdrive magazine (June 2010) I found the following print ad and wondered why it was in an automobile magazine? And a close look at the product made it clear.
(click to enlarge if required)

Here is their website.

(all the information from their website)