Friday, February 18, 2011

Once upon a time in TIME.

Once upon a time, there was a second hand, running inside a wall clock. Always fresh and energetic, he kept running, faster than the minute hand and much faster than the slow lazy hour hand. He was very proud of himself, his speed, his precision, his energy, his successful life! Meeting the 12 numbers every minute, he felt he was popular too! Untill one day, he decided to think about his successful life, or rather the life.

He couldnt afford to stop and think, actually the first thing he realised was that stopping was not in his hands, neither was running! disturbed and disappointed he kept running, round and round and round, reaching nowhere.

He wanted to ask those 12 numbers and the other two hands, what all this meant? And he realised, while trying to keep up with the time, he could never spend enough time with any of them! He realised, he had no control over his speed, motion, perfection, his successful life! He was bound to the pivot. The pivot which gave him the drive to keep running, all his life, in the same manner, in the same boundaries of the wall clock, round and round and round. He really wanted to see what was there, beyond the boundaries of clock, if not time. He wanted to know how it feels to once stop and think, he wanted to know how it is to be not bound to something.

Once upon a time, there was a second hand inside a wall clock, who decided to stop running for life, round and round and round.


"Two types of people get sound sleep. The first who just don't dream, second whose dreams have come true! Few others like me, get up half way through their dreams, with anger in their half open eyes, and memories of their dreams haunting the day!
I feel, dreams have their own life, or is it that the life itself is a dream? You wake up and it's gone!"
(an attempted translation of Anushree's blog intro in marathi, all credits to her!)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentino's Day :)

Now this will sound like a bad joke to most of my readers but I hope there are atleast 2-3 diehard Valentino Rossi fans who will read and like this!
So If there can be a day to be celebrated as 'Valentino's day'... yes to show your love, respect or whatever for this legend, which day will it be?
the 46th day of every year?
that is 15th of Feb!

(for those innocent hearts whom I have still not educated about Rossi, 46 etc, please click the tags/labels below.)

Friday, February 11, 2011

जीव गुंतला असा...

जीव गुंतला असा
की शब्द तुझेच ऐकले,
गाणे दाटले गळ्यात
पाणी डोळ्यांत थांबले

नको नवे बंध म्हणता
पाश गुंफत राहिले
रात्र सरली बेधुंदिची
स्वप्न रंगत राहिले

जीव गुंतला असा
की मागे काही ना राहिले,
मन मारी भराऱ्या पिंजऱ्यात
पंख बंदच राहिले
- भावीन